What Is Video Marketing? Why Use Video Marketing?

Video marketing is incorporate video with marketing campaign or to promote your company’s brand or product or your service. Customer Testimonials event along with online video is becoming increasingly popular as companies are trying to take advantage of multi-media content into their marketing efforts.

Marketers can get a lot of benefits with just a video by integrating it into all of your marketing channels -from go to the landing page email. Moreover, studies show that they can increase your ranking on Google and more.


According iNET, online video audience reach of 84.5% user. In addition, the average level of commitments was still rising as it continues to play a more prominent role in the online experience .

High Ranking on Google

A study from researchers from INET said a website with video is 50x more likely to appear on the first page of Google.

Even more importantly, Google has begun to incorporate more video content in their search results.

Open rate increase

The good news is the subject of the email with the word “video” easy open more users are no (96%)

The bad news is unable to handle embedded them directly to an email. However, savvy marketers can “legal risk by including around” this problem by using an image with a call to action button at the bottom leads to more clicks.

One important thing to note is that you really need to have a video on your landing page and not your trick users click on it

Whether it is a landing page used for email marketing, search marketing webinars or a video will convert more users.

iNET reported that people who sell the product to bring video marketing conversion rate of 6-30% better than those without.

If you starts with a video about the company, product or your service. Start testing it during marketing your way marketing channel.

To make a video marketing , you need to hire someone to do it for you or you can do it by yourself .However that is need more skills, if you a amateur , very difficult to do it.

Fortunately , have some tools can help you . I recommend Explaindio. That is best seller tool in 2014 .You can make animation video marketing easy and quickly,

Effective Tips to Prevent Insurance Fraud

While there are those people who work hard to earn an honest living, there are also those who do it the other way. That is why there are a lot of criminals, thieves, and scammers all around the world. One of the growing types of trickery is the scam. There are a lot of things that can be a source or target of scammers. Companies, internet sites, and businesses are some common examples.

The insurance, being one of the main things that every individual needs, is probably one of the most popular types of companies that are being scammed. The sad part is, even though scammers make use of the same procedures over and over again, the rate of frauds is still constant. Those who lack enough information with regards to the early signs of insurance fraud are the ones who have the highest possibility of being victimized. That is why, it is very important that you fully equip yourself with all the knowledge that you need in order to avoid insurance frauds. Here are some of the things that you should consider.

  1. Shop Around – If you are planning to get insurance, it is very crucial that you shop around for a while. Your best option is by researching on reputable insurance providers. By doing this, there is a lesser chance for you to land on a fake insurance company that is looking for insurance leads as their targets.
  2. Be observant – Whenever an insurance agent comes and offers you something, you have to be observant upon every detail that they give out. If you are observant enough, you can easily notice the common signs of a scam such as extremely low rates, impatience of the insurance agent, and extremely long documents which are actually printed out in very small letters.
  3. Research – If you have collected a list of prospective insurance companies, it is now time for you to filter them out. It is important that you do a lot of research with regards to all the companies that you have gathered. Some of the things that you should add extra time upon researching are the histories, backgrounds, services, customer feed backs, and of course, the price rates.

The continuous spreading of insurance frauds is one of the main reasons why insurance lead generation is considered to be a tough challenge to legal insurance agents. The reason is because individuals sometimes doubt to get insurance even from legal insurance agents and you cannot actually blame them for doing so. That is why, it is important to keep your eyes peeled on every single detail upon getting insurance. By doing this, your chances of being victimized by fake insurance agents can be lessened.

Successful Personal Injury Claims – Why Professional Legal Help Is Essential

If you have been hurt in an accident caused in part or in full by someone else, the law entitles you to receive compensation. However, in order to do this you will need to substantiate your claim. This will mean providing evidence to indicate the extent of your injury and the financial loss suffered by you.

Getting professional legal help is essential in personal injury cases. These are the top 4 reasons why professional legal help is indispensable while claiming personal injury compensation.

Reason 1: Expert advice. Getting professional legal help means that you will get expert advice on the various procedures required for filing your legal claim. Your lawyer will study your case and guide you on the right amount of compensation that you could claim. Besides, he or she will guide you on how to avoid common mistakes that would negatively impact your chance for a successful claim.

Reason 2: Help with complex procedures. Professional legal help includes more than advice. Filing a personal injury claim requires compliance with extensive, complicated legal procedures and processes. These include submitting key documents on time, interviewing and briefing witnesses, and attending hearings. By taking on these responsibilities for you, a lawyer will save you time and effort.

Reason 3: Legal representation. Your insurance company will try its best to get you to accept a smaller amount as compensation. Professional legal help will strengthen your case in court, and enable you to stand up for your rights and get maximum compensation.

Reason 4: It’s free. Legal help is often seen as expensive. However, this is not true. You can almost always find a good lawyer to handle your personal injury case on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis. In this case, you pay nothing. If you win your case, your lawyer will recover his or her fees from your opponent. Another option is to purchase a prepaid legal help plan. This is a form of legal insurance. In return for a regular premium, you are eligible to receive suitable legal help if the need arises.

Free Insurance Quotes – Save Your Money

Remember the days of making phone call after phone call to compare insurance rates and the hassle it entailed. How about the days of driving from insurance agent to insurance agent carrying along all the necessary papers just to get a quote in search for the cheapest and most reliable insurance coverage for your automobile. Do you recall the days of having insurance agents visiting your home to give you a quote on your auto insurance but only to listen to hours upon hours of sales pitches trying to get you to insure everything under the moon. Many people may curse modern technology but when it comes to obtaining free insurance quotes, it is a blessing.

The internet now has made obtaining free insurance quotes a quick breeze. In a few minutes you can have the results of free insurance quotes made specifically for you and your exact needs. No more dealing with the yester years of enduring hours of footwork and listening to endless sales pitches on insurances you are not interested in. You receive the same results that long hours of hard used to entail.

The endless phones calls and hours of listening to sales pitches from various companies insurance agents has been substituted with online technology where now with a few key strokes you not only get a free insurance quote, you get quotes from various competing insurance agency, all biding for your business. What does this mean to you; this means you can easily pick who is offering you the best deal for your specific needs. No dealing with an agent trying to sale you insurance you do not need or want.

The benefits of obtaining free insurance quotes online outweigh the endless footwork of yester years tremendously. Not only do you get several insurance agencies biding for your business you have the control of deciding for yourself what you want on your plan. No matter what state you live in, with entering your information of what you desire for your insurance plan, the technology is there to make sure you are covered to your states specific insurance requirements still meeting your specific needs.

For those that are not comfortable yet entirely with the great value of utilizing the benefits of receiving free insurance quotes online, your free quotes comes with a live agency phone number should you have any concerns or questions about the quote. There is no commitment to purchasing any of the free quoted plans, but when you see the great price comparisons, it will be hard to pass up the great saving value.

One can obtain a free insurance quote quickly and easily and tips on how to get the best deal from an insurance agent. For individuals who may be unsure of exactly what is required in their state to be legally insured, we offers great resources and help to make sure you find exactly the plan you need to keep you legal.