Legal Expense Reimbursement Programs – A Good MLM Marketing Plan

The American Legal System is broken. With pandemic cases of ID theft through a struggling economy, for example, many attorneys are overcharging the public anywhere from as much as $200-$300 per hour providing legal advice so that people are better-armed against such threats and casualties. But obviously it’s not a fair practice, hence there is a way to around it. Anyone can get legal advice and help for a fraction of what they otherwise would through the more expensive means which is hardly affordable.

Originated by an inspirational, entrepreurial-minded Harland Stonecipher back in the mid 1970’s, Prepaid Legal provides legal insurance through specific plans marketed by independent distributors. A participating member can join and choose from a variety of plans made available though membership fees and premiums. The MLM marketer can start up an independent distributorship for $49, which allows them to be able to mass-market the plans either online or offline. Their compensation program is formatted through a network marketing template, so that they pay anywhere from about $70 up to $250, depending on what coverage plan an interested customer selects. Such plans start out at no cost all the way up to increased coverage for reduced rates.

The most successful way to make a good profit through Prepaid Legal is through recruiting and coaching others to sell the insurance plans to interested individuals. Their website address is And as with any marketing venture, real effort and time is essential in order to attain real success.