Van Insurance Companies – 3 Top Tips

Van Insurance Companies – Things you should know!

Over the last few years Insurance Companies have been very much focused on getting you inside their system and will do pretty much anything to do it, well, within reason.

Having worked within the industry, I have seen some major changes which to the untrained naked eye, may not have been as noticeable – but let me assure you this: “By the time you get to the end of this article, your eyes will have been opened to some industry facts that you should consider before getting your Van Insurance Quote.

Van Insurance Companies & What They Want.

  • Tip No1 – The main thing that Insurance Companies want, apart from your business, is your details on file so they can keep in touch if they do not win your business. If they do not achieve this, they have broken a golden rule within the retail insurance industry. You know what its like, for ever after you receive junk mail and calls from each company within a month of your renewal, and more so, what you get in between about other services they offer. If you get a Van Insurance Quote Online, you can tick a box which states you do not want to receive any offers from them, and you dont wish for your details to be shared to any other company. Be aware, some Insurance Companies use a reverse system, and ask you to tick the box if “YOU WANT” to receive offers, so be aware of the difference.
  • Tip No2 – Some of the large companies have changed their trading model, much like Direct Line and Aviva. and how they have pulled away from Insurance Comparison sites so they do not have to pay any commissions to third party introduction services. This is being taken very much across the board with a lot of other Insurance Companies, so has created a small increase in online advertising with special offers, pay for 12 months cover and get 13 and so on. And whilst the large companies are saying: “We dont use price comparison sites,” what they really mean is that they have become a price comparison service for other Insurance Companies.
  • Tip No3 – Special offers like 1 month free cover is a very clever marketing tool, because if you go and get quotations online or over the telephone, the other companies have a 12 month point of contact system to see if they can get your business next time. What this means for those giving 13 months for the price of 12 is a distraction point, meaning by the time you see the other companies sending out “price beating” offers, you know your policy does not need renewing for at least another month. In short, if you take the 13 for 12 offer, they will do the same again next time pushing you further away from the points that other companies think your renewel is due. And you know as much as I do, that if you have 5 envelopes drop through your door, you will look at the prices and decide who to use pretty much straight away, yet if one is offering the same prices with an extra month free, then the decision has been made for you.

To make sure you get exactly what you want, and not want they want to sell you – always know in your own mind what you need, free breakdown cover, legal insurance, courtesy vehicle etc. Whilst most say they are free, there has to be a hidden charge within the policy to cover what they have to pay for each service add on.