What Is Video Marketing? Why Use Video Marketing?

Video marketing is incorporate video with marketing campaign or to promote your company’s brand or product or your service. Customer Testimonials event along with online video is becoming increasingly popular as companies are trying to take advantage of multi-media content into their marketing efforts.

Marketers can get a lot of benefits with just a video by integrating it into all of your marketing channels -from go to the landing page email. Moreover, studies show that they can increase your ranking on Google and more.


According iNET, online video audience reach of 84.5% user. In addition, the average level of commitments was still rising as it continues to play a more prominent role in the online experience .

High Ranking on Google

A study from researchers from INET said a website with video is 50x more likely to appear on the first page of Google.

Even more importantly, Google has begun to incorporate more video content in their search results.

Open rate increase

The good news is the subject of the email with the word “video” easy open more users are no (96%)

The bad news is unable to handle embedded them directly to an email. However, savvy marketers can “legal risk by including around” this problem by using an image with a call to action button at the bottom leads to more clicks.

One important thing to note is that you really need to have a video on your landing page and not your trick users click on it

Whether it is a landing page used for email marketing, search marketing webinars or a video will convert more users.

iNET reported that people who sell the product to bring video marketing conversion rate of 6-30% better than those without.

If you starts with a video about the company, product or your service. Start testing it during marketing your way marketing channel.

To make a video marketing , you need to hire someone to do it for you or you can do it by yourself .However that is need more skills, if you a amateur , very difficult to do it.

Fortunately , have some tools can help you . I recommend Explaindio. That is best seller tool in 2014 .You can make animation video marketing easy and quickly,